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Below is are 2 articles published in the New York Post in 1982 regarding the conduct of Arthur Melnick (the founder of the non-affiliated  'Brooklyn City Streetcar Company') while a NYC public school teacher.

Teacher Kicked Boy in Groin – Say Pupils

By Jeff Wells
NY Post (Brooklyn Edition)
January 26, 1982

A Brooklyn school teacher accused of viciously kicking an 11 year old boy student in the groin has been pulled out of his classroom an placed on disciplinary charges.

But angry parents from IS 320 at 46 McKeever Pl. are demanding to know why social studies teacher  Arthur Melnick 31, was not arrested on assault charges.

The boy’s father, George Murden told a community meeting at the Ebbets Field House last night that Melnick had a dispute with Yousef Murden over a textbook question on Jan. 13, then kicked the boy in the groin causing “terrible pains,” and internal bleeding.

A sixth-grade classmate, Christina Edwards, 12, confirmed the story, broke down and wept as she told The Post, “He twisted Yousef’s arm way up behind his back and made him cry.”

“Then he bent Yousef’s finger way, way back.  Then he just stepped back and kicked Yousef in the private parts.”

“It was so horrible I wanted to punch Mr. Melnick.  The whole class jumped out of their seats in anger, but they were afraid,” she said.

Melnick could not be reached for comment yesterday.

One parent said her son, who had confirmed the story to principle Adele Charyn, was locked out of Melnick’s class the next day.


Teacher Gets Boot On Kicking Charge

By Jeff Wells
NY Post (Brooklyn Edition)
January 26, 1982


A Brooklyn teacher accused of kicking an 11 year old boy in the groin was publicly fired last night – but he may be back in city classrooms.  Community School Board 17 in Crown Heights voted unanimously to sack Arthur Melnick, 31, a social studies teacher, only 5 days before he was due to gain tenure.

But Board President Sylvester Leaks said that there was no guarantee that another would not pick up Melnick.

“We have no authority to deprive him of his license,” Leaks told a large group of parents at the board meeting.  Superintendent Carl Sewell explained that if the board had waited until Feb. 1 – 3 years from the date Melnick was hired – the teacher would have completed his probation.

Then, as a tenured teacher Melnick would have been entitled to a hearing by an impartial hearing panel with a union lawyer defending him. 

The procedure is notorious for dragging on – even for years – with very few teachers loosing their licenses.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sewell said, Melnick is free to move on “unless they know who they are hiring.”   

Teachers who are recycled in this way have become a sore point with many parents groups in the city. 

Melnick was accused of kicking Yousef Murden in the groin on Jan. 13.

Melnick has refused to comment on the charges and did not appear at the meeting to defend himself. 

The parents told the Post of shocking conditions at the school, including fights outside the office of the principal Adele Charyn.

Parents told of principal Charyn’s refusal to pursue the complaints and cited laxity of the guards in keeping discipline. 

Sewell Described a “sick climate” at the school on McKeever Place, but asked parents not to get too emotional about it.


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