Delivery of PCC's to Brooklyn

Cleveland to Brooklyn,
via Buffalo

Once Buffalo's fleet of inactive PCC's became available to us, we had to arrange to get them to Brooklyn. We used equipment riggers who put each car on a low-boy trailer and then trucked them down to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We had to build 700 feet of track at a rate of 50 feet a day to accommodate the PCC's being delivered.  

Project update 2007-
One of these trolleys. along with 3 ex-Boston  PCC trolleys are still stored in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

As for the other 11 PCC cars that were stored in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, currently we do not know their whereabouts.  If you have any information regarding the 11 PCC trolleys that were stored in the Navy Yard, please contact us.  

Below you will find pictures and documentation regarding these trolleys.

Greg At the NFTA shops in Buffalo, NY, 

we inspected the PCC fleet prior to moving them to Brooklyn.


A temporary storage track was built at the Navy Yard. BHRA had to build 700 feet of track at a rate of 50 feet a day to accommodate the delivery of the cars!

Can you imagine this convoy on the highway? Delivery of Car 53 to the temporary track at the Navy Yard.

Car 70 was brought directly to the BHRA shops in Red Hook.

Preparing to release Car 70.

Muscling Car 70 onto BHRA rails.

The temporary storage track.

As seen from the water at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  

The check we used to pay for them (with areas blurred for security purposes).  The folks in Buffalo  were glad that the trains were going to stay in the State of NY.  They gave us a really good deal! 

A Story About the PCCs From the Buffalo News Our bid was accepted by the NFTA  (the agency that runs Buffalo's rail transit system),  and these PCC cars became BHRA property.

The Last Know Press Coverage of the PCCs Stored in the Navy Yard.  A New York Times article from 2005.

More about The disappearance of these PCCs:

It is almost unfathomable that 11 PCCs (weighing 20 Tons each), a diesel locomotive and hundreds of feet of track could disappear without a trace. However, this seems to be what happened with BHRA's property that was stored in the Navy Yard.  

BHRA was never formally served with an eviction notice by the Navy Yard. Furthermore, the Navy Yard has refused to tell us where these cars were move to, or what happened to them.  Another organization may have possession of these trolleys or parts from these trolleys.  However, we have not been able to find any record of their disposition or destruction.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of these PCCs, please contact us.

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